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Welcome to the BullBuster Cafe®!

Food for Thought to Bust your Bull and Boost Your Passion.


At it’s heart, BullBusting is about being ready to confront the areas of your life and business in which you feel deeply stuck, and find where that intense, vibrant, alive part of yourself has disappeared to. It’s about bringing you into the deepest alignment possible with your integrity and your passion. BullBusting seeks to reunite you with your favorite “lost parts” – the ones you constantly talk about when you say, “when I was younger, I used to be so much more [INSERT ADJECTIVE]“.

The goal of The BullBuster Cafe®, via Personality Based Marketing and also individual mentoring is to help you connect you to your true passion, and integrate that into your marketing as a way to help you stand out in the crowd you’re blending in to.

Getting out of stuck and into BullBuster mode allows you to more fully connect with this most joyful part of your self. If you want to learn more about me and what led me to start The BullBuster Cafe, just click here.



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